Warming Spiced Oats

Welcome to my BLOG, I haven’t posted in over a year, so I have decided to start fresh — Did you know that food plays a major role in energy flow in the body? Stagnation causes disease so we want to keep everything moving. My goal is help promote flow in all ways. This combination is great for winter (it’s currently crazy snowing here in Denver, CO after being in the 60s yesterday)  It’s deeply nourishing and very easy to digest. When you digest your food properly, it’s nutrients are absorb and toxins are filtered out of the body regularly. I used gluten free organic oats, wild blueberries and organic everything else. I used powered spices here but you can also use fresh ginger, or boil fresh ceylon (true cinnamon) cinnamon sticks & strain before adding in the oats. Make sure to add the raw honey after to the oats have cooled a bit, so you don’t kill its benefits by over heating. Sustainable RAW organic (local if possible) honey is important. Be sure to look into how the honey is produced. Conventional methods of producing honey are not beneficial. It’s strained and cooked to death leaving nothing but sugar. The bees are disturbed and often harmed while being fed GMO corn syrup. Avoid that “honey” & support farmers who respect the bees and bring us golden nectar. Honey has enzymes and antioxidants that support the immune system and soothe the digestive tract. 

— Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats - Cinnamon - Ginger - Cardamom - Green Apple - Wild Blueberries - Banana - Walnut - Pumpkin Seeds - Raw Local Honey


1. Heat water

2. Add oats - cook to desired texture

3. Dice fresh fruit + mix into oats on low heat + add spices

4. Transfer to bowl and drizzle on raw honey + nuts

**do all these things with loving intention for optimum nourishment and digestability**


All my love 



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