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Amethyst Sky 11

Flow In Love Crystal Grid

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The circle represents the constant flow of divine love that is available from source. The circle holds the energy of completion and unity. This grid harnesses the element water, which encourages steady flow and release of past trauma. It tunes into divine flow and provides powerful emotional support. The blue opal is like a fresh isolated pool of water in the center kept safe by the circle aquamarine and rose quartz alternate. This creates a steady flow of continuous love and clear clear clarity. Reminder that divine love and clarity is always present beyond anything that may be clouding our judgment.

Crystal grids are extremely powerful when backed with love and intention. Your grid has been cleared and is ready for you to activate. When you receive your grid, hold it in your hand and note how you feel. Next sit your grid in a space you feel it belongs depending on the intention of the grid. It may be your alter, your bedroom, your office, a specific corner in your home. Ask the grid where it would like to be placed. Next, take out your stones and set your intention clearly. Place the crystals one by one, starting with the center OR outer stones and making your way in the opposite direction. Use your intuition to really connect with your grid and sense what it is saying to you and how to best go about the process. This way its not mechanical, but truly intuitive. Once your grid is in place.. use a clear quartz point, or your right finger/ hand to connect the stones and activate your grid. (The left hand is the feminine receiving hand and the right is the masculine giving hand.) 

Created with intention and love from my soul to yours. This grid set contains the hand painted 7" x 5" grid board, 4 Rose Quartz, 4 Aqua Marine crystals, 1 Blue Opal crystal.