Liquid Light Selenite Copper Amulet
copper selenite amulet

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Liquid Light Selenite Copper Amulet

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Amulets have long been used for healing, protection and bringing about mystical experiences. Copper is an extremely powerful energy conductor, it amplifies the healing energy of the crystals by providing a strong conduit for the energy to flow through.

Selenite is a powerful crystal of light, named after the goddess of the moon Selene. Selenite is connected to the element water, it encourages and supports energetic flow. When worn around the neck selenite protects against energy vampires and energetic cord attachment. Selenite is deeply purifying, has the ability to charge other crystals and your own energetic field. 
Your Amulet is hand wrapped securely with pure copper wire and will be cleansed and charged before shipping so its ready for you and your intentions. Hangs on pure hemp, fully adjustable cord.