1. Are your crystals cleansed and charged? What methods do you use?


All of our crystals + jewelry + herbs + sacred tools have been Reiki attuned for the good of all. Reiki is pure life force energy. Reiki is the energy of creation, of love, of all. We ALL have the ability to allow the full flow of life-force energy (Reiki) to flow within our vessel and be used for deep healing. We must be receptive to receive this healing.

Stagnation in anyway causes dis-ease. We set the intention to release any stagnant energy from packages before shipping. Each package is intentionally sent with a shiny white energetic shield.

We value the magical universal energy that around us + within us + that IS us. We are are constantly deepening our understanding + communication with it.. 

We use many clearing + charging methods and are always, always learning and deepening our practice and understanding. From sacred smoke Sage + Palo Santo, to breathe + chanting, focus + intention to working with the sun + moon + elements in ceremony. Most of our crystals have been cleansed + blessed + charged many times.

We all have the power to alter the energy around us. The crystals amplify, hold, store, transmit & transform energy rapidly. Healing crystals must be used with respect & appreciation & awareness for the good of all. 

Upon arrival, you may feel you want to clear your stones after postal transit. Use the method you are called until the energy feels lighter or more stabilized.

2. Are your crystals & stones genuine and natural? 


Straight from the vast mines of Mother Earth. We work directly with mines from all over our beautiful earth. Our minerals come from ALL OVER the globe. You will see a lot from Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, Mexico, United States, China, Peru and Pakistan.

We label everything true to its nature. If we ever choose to sell a man-made or treated crystal in the future, we would label it very clearly.

3. Whats your shipping time?

Orders are mailed within 1-2 business days. You will be emailed a tracking number when its on the way.
Here are the current estimated shipping times once they leave our hands:
  • First Class Mail (USA) 3-5 Business Days 
  • Priority Mail (USA) 1-3 Business Days 
  • First Class Mail (Canada) 9-12 Business Days 
  • DHL EXPRESS - (International) 6-10 Business Days

4. How are your crystals packaged to arrive safely? 

Mikey packages extremely securely, using tape + bubble wrap + packing paper + sturdy boxes.

We use as many recycled materials we as we can. We try to conserve materials used + limit packaging as much as possible. Always looking for better options, feel free to reach out with ideas. We do ship, large heavy stones, so its not always easy. 

Crystal + package safety comes first.

4. I have a question about my online order or a collaboration, how can I contact you?

email - hello@amethystsky11.com **urgent** or **collab** in subject line

5. Do you offer refunds for lost or stolen packages?

At this time we do not have the ability to offer refunds if your package is delivered, but stolen off your porch/ from your mail box. If your tracking number says delivered, unfortunately we can not help you. 

6. Is anything on this website to be taken as medical advice?


Absolutely not. We are not medical doctors and do not claim to be. Nor do we claim to use typical medical doctors, ourselves.

All content on this website is for information purposes only.

We do not take responsibility for misuse of our products. 

We share our personal practices here for informative purposes.


7. What is the best way to get in touch?

Feel free to e-mail us at: hello@amethystsky11.com with ANY questions and/or business inquires. ✍